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Is The Tudor Rose still in full bloom?

Is The Tudor Rose still in full bloom? In our previous blog about the Tudor Rose we put it out there that this was the best, if not only, Gastro Pub in the Sittingbourne area. The Sun Inn in Bredger Read More

Sittingbourne, what the hell is happening?

So… All is changing in Sittingbourne, huge investment is on its way, the town is going to have a face lift, new Sittingbourne is on its way. Only its not. Nothing. Zip. 2008 was when this was all going to Read More

Argy Bargy at the Faversham Nautical Festival

Faversham as you know is one of our favourite locations in Kent, you know this because we are always banging on about it! And for good reason. It has everything we love about Kent in a small Town setting. Good Read More

The Ship Inn, Conyer. A hidden treasure

Time for the Pub of the week, ( a made up feature to justify spending an unhealthy amount of time going to the pub) This week we are featuring a Pub in a small quayside hamlet called Conyer, a couple Read More

Saxon Shore way, A ‘Sure way’ to have a nice ramble. (See what I did there?)

Who does’nt like a nice ramble in the country side, no not the sort of ramble I do after a few pale ales. I mean a nice walk along side our heritage coastline, the Saxon Shore way. As it was Read More