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Is The Tudor Rose still in full bloom?

Is The Tudor Rose still in full bloom? In our previous blog about the Tudor Rose we put it out there that this was the best, if not only, Gastro Pub in the Sittingbourne area. The Sun Inn in Bredger Read More

Sittingbourne, what the hell is happening?

So… All is changing in Sittingbourne, huge investment is on its way, the town is going to have a face lift, new Sittingbourne is on its way. Only its not. Nothing. Zip. 2008 was when this was all going to Read More

Tudor Rose, Best Gastropub in Sittingbourne?

Ok, I am just putting this out there, don’t bite my head off, but I am just saying. Sittingbourne is not known for its Fine┬áDining. One of the most disappointing things about the town is that there are precious few Read More