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About us!


Hi my names Tim , and this is Helen. Together we have decided to write this handy guide to the coolest aspects of living in or visiting Kent.

We are doing this together so that you can get the benfit of two opinions, ( male and female for a start!), in the hope that you can form a more balanced view of the locations we will review.

The idea behind Actual Cool Kent is to promote a lifestyle you can have without breaking the bank. Generally we avoid the big brand, chains such as Wetherspoons and so on, as we particularly believe in promoting independant businesses.

In my day job I work for  the worlds largest luxury fashion company in London , so I always have my eye out for something a bit cool or different, and Kent certainly has plenty of those.

Hi this is Helen – I work in a school as a teacher assistant I will be looking at similar aspects as Tim but also adding a view from a family perspective. Mainly as our children are grown up now we find ourselves with more time on our hands to go out and explore where we live – Kent !

So whether you live in the county, or are just visiting, sit back, relax and let us guide you through some of Kents most beautiful, interesting and cool buried treasures and get out there in Actual cool Kent!!!

welcome to Actual Cool Kent
Welcome to Actual Cool Kent