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Art and Cakes! What more could you want?



Bright Idea! Steam Punk style lamps

Well its been a while since we last dropped in on the Grain Store Studio in Faversham, so we thought wed take an able down there and see whats cooking. Well literally cooking as there is now a great little tea shop there too !

these tiny houses were a highlight, for tiny people. So wee, so tiny.

The facilities improve every time we visit and as always theres a large selection of art and installations to go and have a look at. So this brief little refresher is just to remind you all that there is an amazing gallery that needs your support in our Garden of England. Not only does the studio show local artists at their best, it feature workshops and the tea shop is the , well, icing on the cake.

So enjoy some of these art works and contact the team up at the Grain Store Studio to learn a new skill and get in touch with your artistic side. Who knows what you might achieve, or if like me you have absolutely no discernible talent whatsoever, you can always console yourself with a brew

as always, Nicola Chatten’s amazing jewellery features heavily. Its been an amazing development to see her brand evolve.

We always like to see the skill and artistry on show by local designers too, such as Nicola Chatten, who has developed her own brand of unique jewellery.


up cycled furniture, like recycled furniture, only more hipster.
Amazing art by Victoria Swanston, a great Kent artist. The peacock, well I am not sure where thats from. @vswanstonart
Mina Cullimore displays a selection of her sublime art, all for sale for very reasonable prices.

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