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Is Oscar Bentleys Canterburys best kept secret?

maybe not the prettiest building in Canterbury, but the charm is all on the inside, like me really!

Canterbury has a lot of very cool and lovely cafe’s, bars and restaurant’s, mostly at reasonable prices serving up local , good quality food. And there’s some dross out their too! But by and large its pretty brilliant at fine dining for pub food money.

But there’s a lot of competition, from the very cool and hip Skinny Kitchen, to the Baroque and sumptuous Chocolate Café, the visitor to this ancient city is spoilt for choice.

Mrs Actual Cool Kent hiding behind a menu, incase she gets recognised

Fancing a nibble The team of Actual Cool Kent, (me and Helen) tried somewhere a bit different as we fancied a change and my feet were aching.

Rude not to. Its good for the local environment and economy to buy local beers. Lots of them. Honest

We almost stumbled upon the pretty and charming Oscar and Bentleys, on Guildhall Street , opposite Debenhams.

Describing themselves as Canterbury’s leading Bistro, we thought that kind of statement needed to be put to the test.

Well the ambiance is cool, light and stylish, with some nice retro touches but not over cluttered.

We were only interested in some light snacks so I went with the amazing squid ( no surprise there then,) and Helen went for the huge Portobello mushroom with mozzarella and pesto.

A dinner plate sized Mushroom didn’t leave …..Mushroom for anything else on the plate…….geddit? no? oh why do I bother.

As a light bite they were perfect, the Squid done to perfection and the Mushroom was the size of Norfolk.

Service too was excellent, un obtrusive and polite, quite elevated actually, which pretty much describes the whole visit. Charming, elevated and quite chic

To emphasise the delicious nature of the dessert, you need to squiggle some generic red fluid on the plate. At least I hope thats all it is, I have been having a lot of nose bleeds recently.

So because we only popped in for a snack we won’t do our normal score for review, we will just leave you, like Oscar and Bentley left us, as a taster for things to come.

So there you go, a small but perfectly formed little Bistro,

Bon Appetite


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