Make Tacos not Walls!

Ok so were not into getting political, we just love a good Mexican meal, so after many many recommendations we felt obliged to visit Canterburys Cafe des Amis.

Helen always likes to start with the small words and builds up to complicated phrases by the end of the evening.
Just a little bit Mexican. Just a touch.

The first thing that hits you about this Restaurant as you tuck into the doorway on the corner of West Gate Grove is the atmosphere! Buzzing banter mixed with sizzling dishes of spice infused chicken which float by to a soundtrack of Mexican pop classic covers.

This looks a little more seedy than its supposed to.

The young waitress showed us to the table with a huge enthusiastic smile on her face and banter to match. The restaurant is decorated in a very Gaudi-esque style, bright colours and Papier mache pictures which were produced by the real life ‘Emily’ from Bagpuss, who’s father wrote the famous children books.

Drinks arrived and by the time I hand managed to squeeze the slice of lime into the bottle of Sol and squirted it into my eye, the orders had been taken. I am contractually obliged to order Calamari, and Mrs actual Cool Kent opted for the ‘ Ill just have some of his’ starter. Not to be confused with the ‘We’ll share a dessert’ which we often enjoy for pudding.

Calamari on caramelised red onion. If your mouth isn’t watering, please make an appointment with your GP in the morning and leave your Will somewhere your children can find it easily.

The Calamari dissolved politely on my tongue like fish flavoured candy floss ( I may have just invented a thing).

For the main we ordered sizzling Chicken Fajitas, which came with  endless light flower laced pancakes and dips, salad and cheese to squeeze into the roll up.

If you hold the screen close to your ear you can hear the meat sizzling.

The food was amazing, the chicken marinated perfectly and plenty  of salad and cheese

enough for the two of us. If indeed there is an ‘enough cheese’


Get in ma’ belly.

For dessert I went for local ice cream with melted chocolate poured all over till it went solid, and Helen went for a Crepe the size of Norfolk. Helen likes to have a massive Crepe after dinner. As is often the case the dessert got the better of her, but couldn’t beat me.

It was nearly shrove Tuesday, which I think is religious isn’t it, so this pancake was actually a religious experience, so thats ok right?


The Cafe Des Amis is very popular with students and normal people alike, because of its great vibe, and value for money. Having been advised to go there from an afore mentioned Student, we are pleased to say it was a great tip.

So now for the scores on the doors.

The location was great, opposite the West Gate Towers in Canterbury easy to find and near the station as well, so thats 8/10

The food was great, the refined beans were a bit dry and I could have eaten twice as much chicken, but great all the same, so thats 8/10 again.

The Service was great too, friendly, genuine and swift without being pushy, so thats a great 9/10

The Value for for money was hard to argue with, with student special nights as well, we spent about £25 a head including drinks so not bad at all. So thats 8/10 again.

And the best till last , the vibe was amazing. Buzzing conversation, art work, music and friendly staff. A great place to spend a night scoring 9/10

So in total thats a sizzling 84%.

Cafe Des Amis is well worth a visit, if you want your meal out to be a fun and engaging night where the buzz is as sizzling as the food, you could do worse.

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