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Spice up your life at the Ambrette !

What could be a better way to kick off our blog for 2017 than a lovely Sunday roast? ( Apart from maybe having a cocktail on a beach in the Indian Ocean while a local girl rubs warm coconut oil into your thighs) Well we decided that we would have that roast, with friends and family, only being actual cool Kent you wouldn’t expect us to go for a bog standard roast would you? No You wouldn’t!
We were looking for something with a twist, and The Ambrette in Canterbury came highly recommended.

The Ambrette is an Indian Restaurant with a twist. The head chef Dev Biswal has created a menu which fuses the best of Indian cuisine with European and Middle Eastern influences.

We were up for a roast, intrigued to see what and Indian fusion chef would make of our traditional Sunday roast.

Chaz and Dave still bring in the crowds

The Ambrette is tucked away down Beer Cart Lane, ( I want a house with an address like this) and in some ways is one of Canterburys best kept secrets. When you enter if you’re lucky you are welcomed by a piano and violin serenade, which certainly makes for a difference, so thats one box ticked!

The restaurant is surprisingly large, and was pretty much empty when we got there. The decor is the cool side of chintzy, not taking itself too seriously, and not over powering. It is certainly a long way off the classic ‘ Curry House’ chic of flocked wall paper and a tacky painting of a Tiger and a waterfall.

For starters Most of us  picked a  home cured venison,
lightly dehydrated nutbourne tomatoes Kent goats cheese, beetroot, cardamom and balsamic vinegar dressing Fresh mango, dehydrated rose petals. Mrs Actual Cool kent went for the Seasonal Soup of the day, and thick broth of local vegetables, just to be different.

not the tidiest starter ever, but if tidy food is your thing, you probably have OCD

The mains were interrupted by some complementary sides , of bharji’s and dumplings.

These 2 dumplings weren’t on talking terms!

The mains when they arrived came with spiced classical vegetables, such as Spiced pan roasted cauliflower, stir fried spinach, Sweet potato and wild nettle hash, roasted Yukon gold potatoes, and home made gravy. The legally obliged Yorkshire puddings were renamed Canterbury Puddings, not sure why, i suppose our Cathedral is older than theirs!

Mrs Actual Cool Kent went for the Lamb, I went for the beef and our friends went for the Chicken. There is Haunch of Zebra on the menu as well, but we didn’t go for that, after all you have no idea how long its been ‘Lion around’.

The mains were amazing, beef and lamb done to perfection, succulent and not too large a portion that you feel swamped.

For dessert we had Chocolate tart, cashew nut brittle
warm vanilla and brandy cream, and the Rose and vanilla crème brulee
Fresh mango, with once again dehydrated rose petals.

Yes this is Cream Brûlée, no it doesn’t look like this when you buy it from Tesco
Work of art or Dessert? Only way to find out is to eat it, and if it’s a work of art, this might be the last blog I write!

So what about the scores on the doors!

Well for starters the location , its Canterbury so always scores well, tucked away, again thumbs up from us, maybe not the prettiest part of the city but a good 7 out of 10

The decor was tidy, stylish and warm. Not your traditional curry house as i said, this was definitely a good thing. We liked the piano ,but Mrs Cool Kent was a bit disappointed with the women toilet, so thats a decent 7/10

The food was excellent, tasty, different and spicy. Sunday roast with a massive twist, so thats 9/10

Service was friendly and efficient, polite enough and like we I said, the piano and violin made a pleasant surprise. So thats 8/10 again.

And value for money, well thats a 3 course meal for less than £25, so definitely a good score of 9/10!

So all in all thats our year kicking off with an impressive 80% for the Ambrette, thats a record for this year so far! ( ok its our first, but don’t be picky).

So if you are looking for a Indian meal with a difference, or a Sunday Roast with a kick, you can do a lot worse than the Ambrette.


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