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Doggy Day, the canine takeover in Faversham

I bought myself this beautiful black and white bandanna. I think I look rather swish, although random humans kept putting their thumbs up and saying ” Were voting out too!” whatever are they on about?
The beautiful black and white town of Faversham. Lots to sniff and do.

Ok so how does this blogging thing work then? My name is Vegas, and I am the Jack Russell of Actual Cool Kent, canine division. I am what you might call a special correspondent, unlike my sister Vespa, she’s a whippet, so she is just special.  So this weekend we forced our humans to take us to the Faversham Doggy Day market. Neither me nor Vespa can drive , me because I only have a provisional license and Vespa because she ate her license. So the humans had to drive the ‘sick box dog prison on wheels’ and take us to Faversham.


Vespa my sister, part whippet part Tasmanian devil, is wearing this cone of shame, not because she is ill, but because she thinks its a fashion statement. Always attention seeking my sister

There are always boring human markets in Faversham selling old furniture and human clothes, but this market is special because its focused on the most important members of the family, us dogs.

Some scribble for humans. Don’t know what it says, I think it says ‘I have loads of free treats come and help yourself’

There we free treats, a nice lady said she would take me and Vespa on Holiday to Brogdale for two weeks if I could arrange the humans to stay somewhere in August which was jolly nice of her. Her human runs a thing called a company which is a way of doing something all day instead of lying on a human bed. Its called Alice doodle dog services, and sounded great. They allow us to take them out for walks and we can have a pamper day away from the humans, and they will even take Vespa!

This little beauty had my vote at the fashion show. I love her little black and white bow tie and scarf. Black and white looks like its going to be the in trend this season. Look at her though, sticking her tongue out. She knows it too. I think I follow her on instagram.

Other than the fact that cats are strictly barred, the other good thing is us dogs get a chance to catch up rather than just sniffing each others tinkle sprinkles on the local lamp post. Great to have a good old bark off at those spaniels, although two huge Newfoundlands scared the chum out of Vespa. ( I wasn’t scared at all obviously. I’m a Jack Russell, all I am scared of is the human when he watches football.)

I snagged myself a natty black and white bandanna, from Toddy and Jo  which is compulsory wear for Jack Russell’s, but Vespa stuck with her Jean Paul Gaultier style cone of shame, whippets are sooo avent guard.

I refused to take part in the fashion show. It’s a meat market. Actually meat market sounds pretty good.

There are constant fashion shows going on through out the afternoon, the humans call these ‘Dog shows’ pah the cheek. Some of the little cuties make a macho dog like me a little hot under the collar, Vespa had her eye on a natty Italian greyhound, you know how girls love the Mediterranean types!

There was also a lovely art gallery which we were allowed to take the humans to, in the fantastic gallery. Its amazing what humans can do with a paintbrush!

My human enjoying all these beautiful black and white paintings

Anyway we had to stop so the humans could buy us a cake and then they  had the cheek to eat most of it themselves. A lovely Victoria sponge too! They’re so selfish sometimes.

All said and done we had a wonderful day, the dogs and humans all seemed very friendly, had a good sniff of some old friends and new, and got spoilt rotten. I will definitely bring the humans to the show again, they looked like they had a great time, (they had wagging tails and wet noses.) Hopefully I will be driving by then so maybe we will come on our own, Vespa riding shotgun.

2 thoughts on “Doggy Day, the canine takeover in Faversham

  1. It was such a great day and wonderful to see the streets filled with a huge variety of dogs and their owners. Lovely to read about the experience from a dog point of view – did you see the sausage catching competition?

    1. No! cant believe we missed that! Vegas is scowling at me now for missing it, he would have won paws down! Glad you like the blog we had a great day!

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