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The Plough Inn, Lewson Street. Is it worthy of its Number 1 ranking on Trip advisor?

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The Plough Inn , Lewson Street, is probably one of the most highly rated gastro pubs in the area. It features as number 1 at the moment on Trip Advisor for gastro pubs in the vacinity. You may think,  ‘so?’

But when you consider the competition in , what we call the ‘Golden Triangle’ for restuarants and gastro pubs, that takes some doing. So what is the ‘Golden Triangle’ and how does the plough score so well?

The Golden Triangle is a rough area from Faversham , East to Whitstable, and South to Canterbury. At Actual Cool Kent we reckon the gastronomy ( big word for me I know) in this vague geographical area is going up to the next level. You can now dine out for reasonable money on food which, a generation ago, was reserved for the richest, most exclusive eateries in Paris or London. The culinery offer is THAT good. The Michelin starred Sportsman at Seasalter has probably had a lot to do with that, acting as a catalyst for the whole area. Its as though everyone in this stunning corner of Kent has had to up their game pie!

Our beloved Sheperd Neame also has to take a lot of credit for this reinvention of the gastro pub in Kent, and especially in the Golden Triangle. Which brings us to the Plough Inn, Lewson street and its much cherished Number 1 ranking.

The pub is in a charming village off the not so charming A2 between Faversham and Teynham. It is the picture perfect Kentish pub, with its perfectly maintained weather board slats and immaculate gardens. The pub inside maintains a traditional feel, not as hip maybe as other pubs we have reviewed on the interior decor, but the Hop garlands adorning the pub are becoming what is expected from a Kentish Pub! ( tourists would probably moan if you took them down!) The first thing that hits you before the snug and friendly interior is the welcome! Literally greeted by the landlord as though we were regulars. Invited to try some local ale before being shown to our table. Immediately made to feel relaxed by our waitress Louise, who could not do enough for us.

Helen went for the Lamb ( big surprise I know) and I went for the beef with a camembert starter. We were with the in-laws who went for the gargantuan mushroom with mozzarella starter and Rabbit pie.

Mushrooms the size of a satalitte dish. Remember them?
Mushrooms the size of a satelite dish. Remember them?
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Beef done to perfection!

The Father in law said he had never seen a mushroom that big in his life, and the Rabbit pie reminded him of the war ( I know, its a long story).

2016-02-28 15.43.53-1
Helen likes her lamb like she likes her men. Dark and rich with no fat and lots of taste!

My beef was slightly pink in the middle as a good beef joint should be, and Helens lamb dissolved in the mouth, and was devoid of all the fatty gristle which normally stops me ordering lamb. Like the meat all dishes came with an assortment of local vegetables. If your restaurant is in Kent, there is no excuse for not buying locally. Like the best diners in the area, the Plough focuses its menu on locally sourced produce. Long may that continue.

Sticky toffee pudding. Come to daddy.
Sticky toffee pudding. Come to Daddy.

For dessert my better half went for ice cream and I went for the Sticky toffee pudding.

Well what can I say about the pudding! It was easily the lightest, stickiest and most toffeeist (thats not a word I know) pudding I have had the pleasure of inhaling. It was the highlight of the meal! There is a reason for this. Too often restaurants cheat and bring their desserts in from outside contractors. The plough , like all good eateries, make them on site. You can tell. It was magic in a bowl.

So now for the all importants!

Sticky drum roll please,,,,,,,,,

For the look and ambience of the pub I am giving an authentic , immaculate 8/10

For the Menu, well to be fair it was Sunday Roast so we would like to go back and sample the other dishes another time, but a very strong 8/10

For the Value for money, and amazing 9/10. where can you get such a good roast for under a tenner?

For the actual food itself, we couldnt fault the meat, and the Rabbit pie bought a watery nostalgic glaze to the in laws eyes ( in a good way) , so a mouth and eye watering 9/10

(the sticky toffee pudding is worth a visit itself.)

And the best till last…. The service! The staff were incredible, the Landlord and his head waitress Louise could not have done more, made us feel like family, so a well deserved 10/10 for service.

thats an incredible and well earned 88%, !

Helen knows good service. She also knows how to bend spoons like Uri Gellar.

As followers of this blog will know, customer service is so important to us. It costs nothing and means everything. We dont pretend to be culinary experts.( I do dress up as a chef sometimes but thats not for here). Neither one of us has catering experience and I Imagine most their clientele dont either.

But we do know Service. For me with service like the service we experienced at the Plough Inn, its not hard to see why people keep coming back and rewarding the team with high trip advisor ratings.

Well done and keep up the good work ,we will be back.

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  1. Best Christmas lunch we have had anywhere.all eight courses were delicious and well presented front of house staff were excellent we all loved every minute of our lunch thank you all very.much

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