The Rose Inn, Wickhambreaux. Kentish Pub at its best

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The Village of Wickhambreaux, a river runs through it.

Well now and again me and Helen get side tracked into a small village whilst trundling along the country lanes of Kent. The abundance of small villages like Wickhambreaux in Kent is the reason why. Picture post card perfect to look at, like Chilham you’d be mistaken if you thought you had stumbled onto a film set. Like all proper villages it has the obligatory Norman Church, village green, period houses, and babbling brook. Theres even a mill. and above all these village essentials , there has to be a proper village pub. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Rose Inn.

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The Kentish Beauty, and the Rose Inn, haha, old joke but never fails.

It is everything a village pub should be. Friendly staff, beautiful to look at, ( the pub I mean, although I am sure the staff are too, good recovery Tim.) serving fresh homemade food and proper cask ale. The decor should be clean without being homogenised, warm and welcoming without being too chintzy, and local without being to ‘exclusive’. Strangers should be made to feel as welcome as locals. Not like something from a Hammer Horror film, where a stranger walks in and the place goes silent and people just stare.   ( we have  been to pubs like this in Kent, where that actually happened.)

The Rose Inn ticks nearly all the right boxes. A free house selling a good range of ales and spirits, and an appetising menu, of locally sourced food.

We only popped in for a Whitstable bay Pale ale,  a glass of fizz, and to warm our buns, but we definately want to return for a taste of their homemade game which they serve through the winter.

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The better half enjoys a Prosecco.
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lovely Norman Church. I dont know who Norman Is either but he owns a lot of church’s. Maybe he’s related to Charlotte?

Its vital not only that we preserve the village life of these amazing
locations, but that we support the trade of independant pubs and restaurants, because if we lose this unique Kentish lifestyle it will be gone forever. Think about that next time your driving off to the local leisure park for an ‘all you can eat’ buffet. Try a sample of the village life for a far cooler experience. Its authentic and far more
rewarding than your local drive through and better value than you’d imagine.

So the scores ……..

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Only a half on this occassion. ( I was hungover from the night before to be brutally honest.)

The Drinks, well I had a Whitstable Bay, so yeah, 10/10
Service was a warm and friendly 8/10

Ambience was again a warm and authentic 8/10

Menu ( we did miss last servings) was a mouth watering 8/10

and Decor and building a cool and original 8/10

so thats ummmmmmmm

84% not bad for such a flying visit!

So if you’re in the area south east of Canterbury anytime soon, fancy a pint in the sublime beauty of a Kentish village, you could do worse than Wickhambreaux( I doubt you will forget the name) and its lovely village pub. And if you see me, you are legally obliged to buy me a pint. Its a village tradition, I swear.

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