Herne Bay Airshow an amazing free spectacle

We thought it was about time we visited one of Kents biggest free events, The Herne Bay Air show and were glad we did. Its an amazing event!

There, thats it the quickest blog of all time.

Well you know us, its never that simple.

The idea of the Air show is not only to highlight the amazing aircraft and flying skills on show, but to showcase Herne Bay as a venue for a mega summer day out for all the family. The show attracts 80,000 people a year and so as a boost for the area it has to be a great success.



literally the best in the world, I think I can see the winner though!

There are countless things to see and do, with music and static displays added to the usual colourful array of things to do in this traditional seaside town.



Here they come!

There was even amazing street food like Little Pep and The California Burger and pubs and bars all rocking to the sound of the jet engines and afterburners!


The Euro Fighter, even after Brexit.

It was thrilling to see this familiar town so packed with excited tourists and day trippers alike.

During the war, the Luftwaffe would drop badly behaved children on the enemy to confuse and annoy them.

We loved the fun on the peer, which was great for kids, including Mrs Actual Cool kent! The Pier is also a great place to watch the events from too. We saw vintage planes, historic jets and the amazing Spitfire and Hurricane which always seems so at home Back in Kent, the skies where they had such a glorious and famous history.

When planes look this cool they just have to win the Battle of Britain.
The Sniper 2, the sequel never got made
this is exciting enough for me.
whats that coming over the castle is it a monster, no its a massive inflatable crab

Of course as always at these air displays the show is stolen by the Red Arrows RAF display team. Simply the best whatever way up they fly.

Who lives in a house like this?
In Herne Bay this is what happens to badly behaved soft toys.

It wasn’t all good news, but thats mainly down to Southeastern Trains, who really let the team down. No extra trains, no extra carriages, no shuttle bus or park and ride, getting too and particularly from the event proved very hard.  I hope that next year they can organise something better, 12 carriage trains and maybe more than 2 trains an hour would be a start!


Just a couple of people went to the show, and their 80000 friends.
No comment. Literally no comment
The spitfire , with its Merlin Rolls Royce Engine, elliptical wing span, sorry am I boring you.
I don’t know who these people are, they just photo bombed my picture.
These 2 planes were like best mates.



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