Is The Tudor Rose still in full bloom?

Is The Tudor Rose still in full bloom?

In our previous blog about the Tudor Rose we put it out there that this was the best, if not only, Gastro Pub in the Sittingbourne area. The Sun Inn in Bredger has long since lost its shine, and the Red Lion was more of a Pussy cat.

Renee Zellweger checks her latest Instagram post, liking her own post to boost her popularity.

But since then, new eateries have opened, and the Red Lion has bought in a new chef. So is the Tudor Rose in threat of having its petals clipped? Will it be all thorns and no roses? ( Ok that’s enough flower puns)


The Tudor Rose for those that don’t know is situated just outside Sittingbourne near Keycole Hill roundabout. ( Follow the signs if you’re not sure)


The pub itself is an attractive building on the roadside, but location is not really a feature to boast about. However don’t let this put you off. The Service is still very good, with plenty of smart, attentive and polite staff to serve. The drinks and menus arrived immediately, which is a pet hate of ours when it doesn’t happen.

A champagne bucket worth of chips could catch on. I remember when they used to serve chips in newspapers. In fact I remember Newspapers.


This was a Friday night treat so we weren’t ‘Out Out”, so opted for no starter. ( OK I admit it, I would have had calamari if they’d had it). I went for the Burger and chips with a coleslaw side, Renee Zellwegger went for Lamb in a sweet red wine sauce, and the student went for a chicken burger wrapped in cheese and bacon.

Renee Zellweger body language might suggest she was dissatisfied with her portion, but nothing could be further from the truth.

As before the portions were very large, and the food arrived in just the right time. My burger was thick and smokey, and the light bun toasted perfectly. Renne’s Lamb was done to perfection, swilled down as usual with all the prosecco this side of Maidstone. Tender and seasoned with Garlic and Rosemary it smelt fantatic. Obviously as this is her favourite dish, no man or beast gets to taste it as to do so risks losing an appendage, unless she is muzzled.

This was apparently hot chocolate ice cream. I don’t see how it could have been, as there was nothing hot on it, nor was Errol Brown anywhere to be seen. ( ask your parents)

We went for desserts for a change I went for Hot chocolate ice cream, and the ladies went for profiteroles. All of which were fab.

What do you get if you cross a Kebab with profiteroles? This….


Any criticism?

Well not really, its just that the Tudor Rose does what it sets out to do. The pub is pleasant , clean and homely. Neither overly twee, not super modern. The food is well prepared, locally sourced and went down really well. And the service is efficient and polite. So whats the down side?

The thing is, its not that cheap. There I’ve said it. Its functional, good wholesome food, but theres not that X factor that’s so elusive. The magic that makes you want to go back. The food is fine, but all the factors together somehow don’t add up to a memorable visit. For similar prices you can go to the Albion, or Limes, which leaves you with much better memories.

I think that the Tudor Rose is stuck between being a family pub ( nothing wrong with that) and a higher end Gastro Pub, like the Windmill or Pearsons Arms etc.

One of our other pet hates is very young children running around a restaurant especially after 9pm, no dress code whatsoever ( Diners in sports kit tracksuits shorts etc) I know some of you think this is snobby, maybe it is. Maybe its our age, but I’m taking my family out for a night out, spending £90 in the process, I think its nice to feel a little elevated in an adult environment after 9pm.

So here would be my advice for this very good pub to become an excellent one. Just a couple of Tips…


Free tap water and nibbles when a diner takes their seat.

A stricter child policy after say 9pm

A casual yet enforced dress code

Try to be a little more exotic with some of the menu options


The Tudor Rose as I’ve said is a good place to eat, but the competition is stepping up the game, if the Tudor Rose doesn’t raise the bar, it will go the way of the Sun Inn in Bredgar, and be a restaurant people used to go to.

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