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Chocolate cafe on the up!

Well, just when we thought Folkestone couldn’t get any cooler, it just did.

Subtle rebranding gets the Chocolate cafe ready for exciting times
Not too many Carbs then !

Having not been through the town since last summer, when we wrote about how Folkestone is now the UKs coolest seaside resort, we thought it might not be a bad idea to revisit our favourite seaside town.

With temperatures, as high as the Med, Folkestone really did give sunnier resorts a run for their money last week, but it wasn’t the amazing beaches, stunning tropical gardens or hipster furniture stores or indie shops and boutiques that embedded a smile as wide as the English Channel on our sunburnt faces.

Her Milkshakes bring all the etc etc

It was discovering that our fav café in Canterbury, The Chocolate Café, has opened a second branch in The Creative Quarter in Folkestone.

The town is already blessed with amazing eateries like Googies Café, and now it can boast one more.

Baroque styling is their thing. Get over it.


The Chocolate Café is slowly rebranding itself into Eleto Café, to emphasises the non-chocolate beverages for sale.

Don’t worry there’s a close up coming.

Delicious Mediterranean style light bites, flat breads, and unique drinks for kids like me and grown-ups like Little miss Actual Cool Kent. You feel with this statement Brasserie; The Chocolate Café is growing up itself. The interior is a step up from Canterbury, still Baroque, lush and extravagant but on a grander scale.

Flat bread, the more elevated member of the Pizza family.

Eleto Chocolate Café is more than just a café. It is trying to be an event destination, with performers, art and food seamlessly blended together like one of their milkshakes.

Style has found a new home in Folkestone

As with Canterbury, the service is also of the highest level. The Manager, India, (of course) has evolved a service standard with her 2 teams which leaves the competition stranded. Service is literally everything. Plonking a customer’s meal on the table and walking away, rolling your eyes if someone wants attention is a thing of the past (except on London Underground) and India has realised this and gives what the customer wants. A memorable experience which leaves you wanting more!

Even the drips on the table were happy to be in Folkestone


So Folkestone’s evolution is continuing, and the Chocolate Café is a feather in its increasingly cool cap.

Close up as promised

If you haven’t visited Folkestone yet this summer, you are seriously behind the curve. Its becoming the ‘In Place’ to drop into conversation, like Whitstable was 10 years ago, or Brighton 20 years ago. Don’t believe us? Then go there and prove us wrong!

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