WoolPack Inn or Woolpack out?

Chilham is one of those Kentish Villages that is so, well typically Kentish Village looking that it is regularly used in period costume dramas and old episodes of a Poirot. ( yes I watch too much day time TV)

Obviously the pub isn’t this filtered in real life.

It’s a beautiful place that we visit regularly, mainly because Helen thinks she will eventually meet her Mr Darcy there, and because I always wanted to be a Highwayman. ( career goals!)

At the bottom of the old high street there is the WoolPack Inn. Nestled on the corner junction it’s a beautiful, stylish and iconic looking pub, and one we’ve often talked about blogging. So on a chilly spring evening we took the plunge and booked a table.

I am sure it gets busier !

Being amazingly gorgeous with amazing style, they naturally put us in the window seat to attract other customers. Unfortunately a tactic that didn’t work as we had the restaurant  pretty much to ourselves all night. Which is a shame really because the WoolPack Inn has a lot to offer.

Literally didn’t touch the sides this little baby!
Mrs Actual Cool Kent on the Hard stuff. Either that or she’s doing a Bryan Ferry Impression!

As a pub it is pretty much perfect, friendly locals , authentic architecture and décor, and the restaurant doesn’t swamp the bar and those that just want a drink. It’s a good balance between the dry offer and the wet offer. In other words the bar and the dining.

So what about the food?


Well as I am now legally obliged to, ordered the Squid in batter, which was a little over done for my liking.

The mains were better, Helen went for a minced lamb pie which was the size of a sofa, and the fresh meat dissolved in the mouth. I know this because I stole some.

I like the way this meal was sculptured to look like Mount Everest
Pies so big they attract their own moon.

I went for the Chicken in a Tomato and chorizo sauce, with summer vegetables. Again a little dry but huge portion which again made me open the belt at least 1 notch. The veg was done perfectly and the meal was washed down by the amazing fresh Whitstable Bay Blonde, That’s not a description of Helen by the way.

Desserts soon arrived and were amazing!

What are you doing on my plate? Get in my Belly NOW!

Helen opted for a sticky toffee pudding which was miraculous in its conception! Both light yet substantial. Again I know this because I stole some.

Sweet Baby Jesus this was amazing

I went for double chocolate cheesecake, which Helen loved, she knows this because she stole some.

So what about the scores on the Actual cool Kent doors?


Well the vibe, décor and ambiance of the pub was great, all be it a little quiet. So that’s 8/10


The location is great, Chilham is a dreamy beautiful village hidden from time, although the Wool Pack is a little away from the village center, again a great 8/10


The food was good, and I loved that the ingredients are locally sourced. A point emphasised by a quirky and interesting map showing you this so again 8/10


Value for money was very good, and the size of the portions were definitely a 2 on the belt notch-o-meter. So that’s a 9/10

And finally the Wool Packs greatest asset  Service. The Waitress was excellent, table water for us immediately, and drinks orders taken not long after we sat down. Very friendly and attentive we thought everyone there was super friendly so that’s 9/10 for service.

I Liked the reference to the opening scene in ‘Dads Army’

So all in all that’s a very reasonable 84%

So in summary, a great pub, wonderful mix between eatery and drink -ery ( is that a word?), good food, good value and great service. You could do a lot worse than call in at this cozy and classy gastro pub. Cheers Woolpack Inn for a lovely night.

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