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Month: August 2016

Been Bin Ella? No? Why Not?

    If you are growing bored of your local boozer, tired of the giant TV blaring football or wall to wall Sky News, and fancy a drink somewhere a bit unique we have just the place for you. Bin Read More

Tapas meets Moroccan , very very Moorish

We love some of the Gastro Pubs in and around the Canterbury area, but this weekend we fancied something a little different, and having walked past the Cafe Mauresque about 15 million times, we thought it was about time we Read More

Argy Bargy at the Faversham Nautical Festival

Faversham as you know is one of our favourite locations in Kent, you know this because we are always banging on about it! And for good reason. It has everything we love about Kent in a small Town setting. Good Read More