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Month: May 2016

Life affirming Fish and Chips anyone??

Just a quick follow up post for you all. I have a proposition for you. Call it a challenge if you will….. Next Tuesday, go out for a fish supper. You have a budget of ¬£5. You need to find Read More

Tudor Rose, Best Gastropub in Sittingbourne?

Ok, I am just putting this out there, don’t bite my head off, but I am just saying. Sittingbourne is not known for its Fine¬†Dining. One of the most disappointing things about the town is that there are precious few Read More

Is The Foundry, Canterbury, a copper bottom success or scrap metal?

The Foundry in Canterbury is a unique dining experience, part brewery, part pub and part restaurant. Do all these things add up to the unique dining experience that they promise, or is it a jack of all trades novelty? That Read More

Doggy Day, the canine takeover in Faversham

Ok so how does this blogging thing work then? My name is Vegas, and I am the Jack Russell of Actual Cool Kent, canine division. I am what you might call a special correspondent, unlike my sister Vespa, she’s a Read More